Martyn Joseph in Concert – a Special Golden Opportunity!

Because We Can Tour – Next Tuesday, 7:30pm, Oct. 18 at St. Andrew’s United Church & Centre for Peace

Tour with Stewart Henderson in support of World Vision Canada – Admission by Donation

Martyn Joseph...very powerful in concert!

Posted by Bill Usher.

Rev. Judith Hardcastle has really gone and done it this time! World Vision approached Judith to present Martyn Joseph on this very short jaunt through BC into Alberta and she said “yes”. At first glance Martyn Joseph is (just) another gifted singer songwriter. First impressions are there to mislead of course: Joseph’s ambition is broader than entertainment, deeper than commerce. Some musicians want to move your feet, some just want to move you: Martyn Joseph wants to move heaven and earth.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Martyn and seeing him perform up close… this is a coup for Golden. Somewhere back in time Martyn Joseph emerged from the pack and people began to notice. For a moment there he might have been a pop-star with some big albums out on Sony UK, certainly a protest-singer in Billy Bragg mode, a balladeer now and then, a Celtic rock star before they were in vogue, and definitely a folk troubadour … whatever the hell that is!

Really though, to use the English vernacular, he’s one of those blokes who just gets up on stage and blows you away.

Start 7:30 pm
Suggested donation: $15

Martyn’s website: