Memberships & Tickets go on sale Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011

Memberships & LIVE Kicks tickets and FILM Kicks Season’s Passes go on sale at the Art Gallery of Golden (AGOG) on Saturday morning, Oct. 8, 2011.

FILM Kicks tickets

Our first FILM Kicks feature film Of Gods and Men is next Thursday, Oct. 13 at the Golden Cinema. For early bird members we have created a FILM Kicks Season Pass that buys you all 6 films in the season for the price of 5 – get one free.

So, come down to AGOG before the screening next Thursday and pick up your membership and a pass. Otherwise, purchase a membership and get discounted FILM Kicks tickets when you buy your seat on film night at the Golden Cinema. Please bring cash.
Non-Member $12; Adult Member $10; Student $5. Includes HST

LIVE Kicks tickets

We have something new for LIVE Kicks tickets this year. Yes, the face value of the ticket has gone up from $20 to $25 – our first increase in 6 years. But, this year, we have added even more membership discounts to give extra benefit to members.

Our biggest change is the introduction of the Early Bird 75. At the start of the season, we have put aside 75 tickets for each show at an extra discount. Adult members will pay $15 for a $25 ticket and save $10! This is our way to reward you for buying your tickets early and taking the worry out of all those last minute sales for us. Take a look at the season, pick your dates and shows and book away.