KHC Board of Directors

Ian Rowe – Chair  chair(at)

Ian-crop-20160518_214141I am an engineer and I have worked on power plants all over the world. Sue and I have lived here since 1976 and we came here because we have always been mountain lovers.

Humans are engineers and use tools which change the world around them. Without engineers there would be no violins or paintbrushes. Just sayin. This evolutionary characteristic will hopefully be an advantage, and we won’t destroy ourselves and the planet. When David Braid showed us those caves in France, and his music echoed among the racing horses, lions, cattle, rhinos of 30,000 years ago…well, those guys knew the value and imperative of art.  They were optimists; they looked forward to future generations and knew it was essential to take time from the daily process of survival. They were in the Paleolithic Era; we are now the Anthropogenic,  thanks to our ability to change the planet in substantial ways. If we are not to screw up we need models of excellence to guide us. Art provides pockets of perfection and optimism which tell us, yes, we can do it, we can survive, we can get through this. And have fun.

As M. Python told us, I don’t want huge tracts of land. I just want to sing.




Petra Musick – Secretary

Petra-DSC_7263Investing my time into supporting, infusing, building, and intertwining the arts in my community is something that is so so so important in crafting a dynamic liveable place.  I see how it makes life, more, and better and selfishly, it is something that is also for me.  Of course, what really gets me involved is both the earlier start times and the promise of back stage access.  I am a life long groupie and 80’s bus chaser, who, sadly, falls asleep by 9 at night.  It is hard to cash in on rock star crushes when you cannot make it past the opener I tell ya.  Fingers crossed,  two years of guaranteed board time might finally get BCDC on to the docket.  Green room, here I come.


Todd Keith


I have lived, worked, and played in many regions across Canada, and have called Golden home since 2009. I’m an earth scientist and park planner by trade, but I’m also a musician and appreciator of arts and culture in its many forms. I joined the board of Kicking Horse Culture in 2015, and bring previous board experience as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Serving on the board provides me the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of a rich and rewarding cultural scene that is vital to the quality of life we enjoy in Golden. It has also given me leverage to lobby for the stocking of BC craft beer at KHC events!


Angela Stott

Maryanne Schroeder

Jane Fearing

Matt Fellows